Inspiring the Future

Inspiring the Future.

Finding The Next Einstein’s

How many young people have a gift, talent, or an idea that if nurtured, could change the world?

How many kids in underserved and underrepresented parts of the globe have within them the potential to bring forth innovations that can impact humanity in a positive way? If only they had the resources and someone to believe in them?

The Einstein Legacy Project is committed to finding and supporting the next generation of scientists and brilliant minds on the planet. Through a series of programs and competitions called "The Next Einstein", people from around the world are offered a platform to share and develop their big idea. Vetted by a distinguished panel of judges, winners of the competition receive bursaries, scholarships, and the necessary support to bring their innovative ideas to fruition.

For more information about Next Einstein (North America), click here.

Next Einstein Africa

In February 2017, 10,000 students from 19 schools in rural parts of South Africa will compete for the coveted title of “The Next Einstein.” The Einstein Legacy Project has partnered with the European Space Agency to run the program across the Mpumalanga region, working with Hebrew University scientists and education experts to promote science, innovative thinking and intellectual curiosity among the regions youth. The program will be sponsored and coordinated locally by Singita Game Reserves.

Please learn more about the program  here.