The Albert Einstein Foundation: Honouring 100 years of his Theory of Relativity

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world."

It has been 100 years since Albert Einstein created the General Theory of Relativity. To celebrate this historic milestone, the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University is embarking on a global project to honor the life and legacy of Albert Einstein and to identify and inspire the next generation of brilliant minds on the planet.

Einstein Legacy Projects Include:

The Einstein Archive and Visitor Centre
The first and only institution to celebrate the life, history and vision of Albert Einstein. Built around the unique collection of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where Einstein bequeathed his entire personal archive, the archive will be a global attraction dedicated to science and humanitarian ideals.
Genius: 100 Visions Of The Future
A once-in-a-century publishing event with the world’s greatest minds in fields ranging from science and technology to arts and education sharing their visions for the future in the world’s first 3D-printed book. Genius will therefore represent a collective vision of humanity, designed by renowned artist Ron Arad and shaped in the likeness of Einstein himself.
Century of Genius
A historic event taking place in Montreal, Canada over the weekend of September 9th -10th, 2017, that will bring together some of the greatest minds, innovators and influencers on the planet. The Dinner will celebrate the life and legacy of Albert Einstein, honour the great minds of our day, and inspire a new generation of young Einsteins and creative thinkers.
Inspiring the Future
Through our Next Einstein competition, we are working to find and empower the next generation of brilliant minds while affording young people the opportunity to share their ideas on how to make our world a better place.